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Posted on 23 May 2012 05:14

This is a really good podcast about performance engineering, actually it is an interview to Chris Grindstaff, an IBM Performance Engineer that works with Lotus and Eclipse performance issues.

Usually people talk about performance just a side activity of their daily work, It is not easy to find someone like Chris that works as a Performance Engineer for IBM and really has deeply knowledge about how apply perfomance as a principle in real life projects.
He also talks about how different are the performance issues according the technology of the application and the the business goals it has.
Here are some interesting ideas and concepts:

  • Before you start any kind of performance tuning you must have goals, otherwise you will end up tuning infinitely.
  • Measures and analysis are key concepts / activities in any performance tuning task. Measures tells you where you are now, analysis tells you how to get to the desired state.
  • Regarding layered architectures, you really need to know how every layer works and interacts with others.
  • "Well performing application" doesn't mean the same for every application.
  • Yes, he has been in projects where the application must be reconstructed in order to get good performance because of the architecture problems.

The podcast:

Chris Grindstaff on Performance Engineering (, 52:28 mins)

Enjoy it!

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